Dear visitor, dear connoisseur, dear friends,

Welcome to my my virtual home. You may browse or linger as long as you wish. and view works made in the past 30 years.

I have been on the road for long periods around the world. Recently I have taken up the thread again and travelled, after 1,5 in Peru, back to SE Asia.

I wish to share and show some of the things, which due to the lack of a real home in the physical world, I am unable to. You see, my works are out of reach because of my nomadic nature.  That's why you have an abundance of my work here online, which I could have limited this portfolio to three dozen, but who would get to see the other lot, stored in Belgium, Peru, and England, when I am always on the road?

So browse here, take your time and come back, eventually you might get to know me and my art better.

Reviews old and new can be read in my BLOG. More of my recent work is shown on

Yours truly