-This man is diabolic (a very catholic or Protestant visitor?)

-So, you painted all this when you were two years old? (English visitor)

-All you paintings have penises, are you trying to say anything about your culture? (anonymous)

-A European who is trying to be an Indian..Hahaha. (anonymous)

-Why so much erotics in your work, do you have a problem with sexuality? (anonymous..was it a question or a statement ?)

-Very nice work indeed, you have bathed in our culture and have been able to show it to us in a simple language.(anonymous)

-Spectacular! Wondefull how you depict our culture and thank you so much. Continue and don't give up. (anonymous)

-Thank you for your amazing colours. (anonymous

Conclusion: 98% of the comments were positive.The indians and mestizos had no problems with the phallic art, on the contrary, but the visiting Westerners, especially the Anglo-Saxon world...were mostly shocked or disgusted and so predictable...