Hi Wayra Inti, I was writing to you about the written works of Alain Danielou regarding the two pages on your website that deal with Shivaism. Danielou has always exposed Gandhi and Nehru as being censors and destroyers of ancient erotic art and sculpture in India. They even told their followers to go into the temples and deface or destroy the offending art. Already they were fully westernized and had a Christian morality.

Danielou, though his original research and translations of works never before translated, has shown the origins of Hinduism to be Shivaism which extols the erotic, at least originally it did. Danielou goes so far as to say that we communicate with the sacred through erotic acts which form the basis of Shivaism. He compares Dionysus in pre-Christian Greece as a parallel deity.

Here is Danielou on the subject: 'The heritage of Shivaism remains the basis of Hindu spiritual experience, although often in a form which has been degraded and dulled by puritanism and 'sexual avarice', the endemic disease of Vedic Brahmanism and of all other State religions. Certain Dionysiac currents have survived in Islam. In the Christian world, on the other hand, repeated persecutions have little by little almost wiped out the tradition.

Temporal power, riches and authoritarian hierarchy of the Church are incompatible with the freedom required for any research, whether for mystical experience or scientific discovery. The Church has sought to eliminate both mystics and scientists. Her sacraments have become mere social rites and are no longer the transmission of sacred power. Her moral teaching is reduced to a persecution of the sexual element, making those who submit to this tyranny frustrated, aggressive and dangerous people.' -Alain Danielou, Shiva and Dionysus, 1992.

Danielou's art would not interest you so much. His important work with regard to images is that he did with his Swiss friend, the Nestle heir, during the 1920s and 1930s. They went all over India to photograph the ancient erotic temple sculpture. They made tens of thousands of photographs. The followers of Gandhi and Nehru, at their urging, later destroyed almost all of these sacred sculptures, and Danielou's photos are all that remain. The photographs today are in the safe hands of a museum in Berlin and there is a book available with a few hundred of the images.

Have you ever heard of the gay historian, now living in UK by the name of Rictor Norton? Rictor Norton has called the systematic destruction of gay art and literature over the last 2000 years 'cultural ethnic cleansing'. You can do a search on his name. Also, and maybe even more important for you, there is an American professor at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, by the name of William Armstrong Percy III, who has written some interesting scholarly books that you may want to try to read. Percy is in the process now of writing a new book and you may want to try to contact him about your own ideas and work. I do not know any of these people. I only know about them through the scholarly books they write.

You can learn more about them on the internet. You can also do a search on a recent book of translations by Daryl Hine called Puerilities. That is published by Princeton University and Percy's last book was published by the University of Illinois. I don't think it is possible to call any of this pornography since it is published by very important universities and I cannot imagine that they would do any pornography!

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