Here you will find an enhanced travel book from my arrival in Brazil 2004 June 8th till November 5th 2006 in which, you may read all my encounters with Indians, mystics, shamans, my distress to survive as an artist and researcher for the truth about the ETs and ITs and the English mystic, colonel Percy Harrisson Fawcett, who dissapeared with his son in 1925 when he was looking for the lost city of Z.

I use different names such as Were'e and Wayra Inti, names given to me by the Xavante nation of Brazil and the latter by a Peruvian shaman after a ritual on the Island of the Sun. Interested for a download of 41 chapters with recent photographs? Then surf to:


for the Dutch speakers: 

deel 1 van: Bloedbroeder in Mato Grosso, een interview op radio 1 in december 2006

deel 2